Liberty Athletic Club

The Oldest Women's Running Club in the U.S.

The Masters Division

The Masters Team

The Masters Team is a group of inspirational runners who have achieved amazing things on and off the race course. The Masters Team is a competitive, fun  team, with a spirit and bond that has grown over the years. Runners on the Masters Team work to challenge themselves, to get faster, to stay fast, and to run with  friends or as part of a community. The diversity of the Masters Team stretch from mothers, business women, college and life long learners, professors, lawyers, retires,  etc… all are welcome to run with the Masters Team. In their off time, the Masters Team can be found at regular Liberty events, parties, and brunches. The Masters Team is more than just a running team, its a group of inspired women running because they can!

The Masters Team applauds and celebrates the achievements of Liberty’s younger runners “as they inspire us with their energy and enthusiasm, and hopefully we show them that running fast is possible at any age!”