Liberty Athletic Club

The Oldest Women's Running Club in the U.S.

The Club

Founded in 1948 as an athletic club for girls, Liberty Athletic Club developed into a running club for girls and women of all ages. During the pre-title IX years, it provided young women with an opportunity to participate in track and field in local, regional, national, and occasionally, international track and field meets. Some of these young women developed into elite athletes including Olympic medal winners.

In the 1970’s mothers bringing their daughters to practice began to run on the track as well. Over the next several decades the club’s membership base expanded to not only post collegiate women but also women in their 30’s and older.

The club is comprised of women from multiple age groups from the early 20’s through the 70’s. Most prefer road races from the mile through the marathon, though some prefer the track and run distances from 60 meters to the 5K. Among our membership is a long time member who has run all 31 of the Tufts 10k races and another who has a streak of 31 consecutive finishes in the Boston Marathon.

Over the years we have had members who have set world records on the track in distances from the 400m to the mile. We also participate in cross-country and frequently field teams for New England Cross-Country Championships and the National Masters Cross-Country Championships. While most of our members come from the Greater Boston area, some of our members are from outside Massachusetts.

What is unusual about Liberty today is that it offers not just support and understanding of what it is to be female, an athlete, and to balance training and competition with studies, careers, and/or families. It offers generations of support — a mentoring, intergenerational culture of all ages and abilities.