Liberty Athletic Club

The Oldest Women's Running Club in the U.S.

The Opens

The Open Team is Liberty’s group of under-40 runners.  We are diverse in our abilities, goals, and approaches to running and training.  Some of our Open runners are highly competitive athletes who regularly place in or win races; others enjoy training and racing at a more recreational level.  Members of the Liberty Open Team participate regularly in individual races ranging from track events to marathons, and we also compete as a team in relays, cross country, and road races several times a year.  We juggle careers, families, and running, and support each other even though our individual goals may differ.  Of course, we all share one thing in common: our passion for running!

We also share a deep respect for our accomplished Masters runners, many of whom — in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond — are at the top of their game.  We learn from them: how they successfully navigated the many competing demands that we now face; their approach to smart training to prevent injury after decades of running.  We are proud to continue the Liberty tradition of women across the decades running — and thriving — side by side!
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